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Family Law

A family can greatly enrich a person’s life. Most people do not want legal assistance when starting a family. However, life is sometimes unpredictable and people do need help from an experienced lawyer to navigate the complexities of a family law case. Whether you are starting a marriage or ending a marriage, the Daly Law Firm is committed to helping you resolve all your family law issues.

Phoenix Family Law Attorney

I am an experienced family law attorney willing to assist you with a wide range of family law issues such as divorce, child custody, marital property division, and prenuptial agreements. I am also familiar with the local courts in Phoenix and Scottsdale and I have the skills to guide you through the legal process for your particular family law case. You need an understanding attorney to advocate for your rights during this difficult time and negotiate all family law matters in dispute.

You may review the Family Law Information Center on this website to obtain information regarding issues involved in many family law matters or call me at (480) 607-8308 or use my online case evaluation form to schedule a free initial consultation and begin the process of investigating the details of your case.

Family Law Information Center

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Arizona courts strive to provide both spouses with fair rulings in divorce proceedings. If you thinking about divorce, it is beneficial to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side to make sure you don’t get the low end of the bargain. Contact the Daly Law Firm to find out how I can help you with an array of divorce issues such as:

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Child Support

Whether you need to establish child support payments, modify your current child support order or get your child support order enforced, I can help.

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Child Custody

One of the most difficult aspects of divorce is child custody. There are many factors to consider, but the most important factor is the best interest of your child. Let me help you present your case to the court in the best light possible. I am experienced in handling all types of matters effecting child custody cases including:

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If you are concerned about fair visitation rights, call the Daly Law Firm to assist you with visitation agreements. I am experienced with working with the court to make sure the best interest of your child is protected. I help clients with:

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Prenuptial / Marital Agreements

Spousal agreements prior to marriage to protect a person’s assets are no longer exclusively for the rich. There are many reasons why individuals desire to enter into a contract with their soon-to-be husband or wife. I can counsel you, draft premarital agreements and have them properly executed to meet your goals.

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Marital Property Division

During the course of your marriage, you have likely accumulated marital property and debt such as real property, retirement accounts, vehicles, business interests, jewelry, household goods, personal effects and credit cards. You may also have separate property that is not subject to division by the court. Let me sort out the details, advise you, and represent your interests in the division of your marital property.

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Spousal Maintenance / Alimony

Many individuals going through divorce have questions about spousal maintenance and alimony. Whether you want to know if you qualify for spousal support benefits or you want to know how to modify spousal support benefits, I can help. At the Daly Law Firm, I represent clients seeking alimony and spousal support throughout the Phoenix area.

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Once a court order is in place, the court has the power to enforce the order. Contact me at the Daly Law Firm if you need assistance enforcing child support orders, property division orders or visitation orders.

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You can modify or change the custody, visitation and support orders put in place by the court. If major changes occur with the parents that affect the needs of children, there may be a need to modify custody, child support, or visitation rights. If there is a substantial reason for you to modify and order for custody, visitation or support contact The Daly Law Firm to assist you.

The Daly Law Firm is equipped to represent spouses in divorces and related family law matters. I understand that matters involving divorce, marital property division, child custody and visitation can be highly emotional and stressful. If you are seeking legal advice for a family law case in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or the area of Maricopa County call me at (480) 513-0376 to discuss your case.

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Daly Law Firm | Scottsdale Family Law Attorney

Family law cases are very emotional and difficult because often people are fighting against people they love and trust due to unforeseen circumstances. Legal representation can mean all the difference when it comes to getting the results you need. If you are seeking legal advice for a family law case in Scottsdale, Phoenix, or the area of Maricopa County, call me at (480) 607-8308 or use my online case evaluation form to schedule a free initial consultation and begin the process of investigating the details of your case.

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